7 Ideas to Prevent After School Meltdowns

Although school can be a very rewarding experience for preschoolers and school children alike, this time away from mom and/or dad can sometimes lead to feelings of disconnection and overwhelm. Much like adults have tough days and bad moods, children sometimes experience all sorts of ups and downs while away from school.  The disconnect from parents coupled with all that roller coaster ride of managing feelings  can bring on some challenging behaviors.

Have you noticed your child is having some difficult afternoons, tough bed times, siblings squabbles, meltdowns and tantrums after school?  Making some effort to restore connection can not only prevent all that “misbehavior” but create more harmony in your home. 

Here are 7 ways to stay connected & reconnect after a long day at school as a way to prevent after school meltdowns:

Hugs: Little ones love hugs. My three year old loves to get a giant goodbye hug that includes lots of kisses before we leave. We make sure to always have time for it, everyday, no matter what. Maybe your child is a bit older and thinks it’s not so cool to be hugged at school in front of classmates, how about hugging your child before heading out the door? Then, repeat those hugs after school too.

Bridge Items: Sometimes separating can be hard and having a little reminder of mom/dad or home can help a lot. My five year old took a small piece of paper that said “mom loves you” in his pocket on his first day of school. Later he told me “One time I felt scared of doing something new, I checked my pocket and then I felt much better trying.” A friend told me her daughter kept a small ball in her backpack that was special her first year in school. Just knowing there is that little thing that connects the child back to home can go a long way. Another way to do this is to include a note from mom and/or dad in a lunch box!

Disconnect to Connect: Ideally,  try to forget emails, cell phones and errands for the first fifteen to twenty minutes when everyone returns home from school. This is a great time to be together. Make a deliberate effort to listen to what your child has to say about school and any news, stories, jokes or “you’ll never guess what!” moments.  Children love to know they have your full attention and it’s very reassuring that although you were separated, now you are reconnecting.

Eat Together: Whether your child does a half day or a full day program, planning to have something to eat together even if just a small snack after time away is a great way to slow down and reconnect.

Relax: Everyone needs a little bit of down time, taking a moment to slow down and just be together, even if it’s just five minutes can make a huge difference to how the rest of the day will unfold.  My children love to play massage train or do some yoga games together after school.

Play: At home or at the playground, taking a bike ride or building some Lego, finding time to play together is a great way to reconnect and help your child feel loved.  Play and laughter is also an opportunity for children to release pent up feelings, which will surely prevent later meltdowns.   Check out this list with 60 special time activities for some ideas to play together.  Children also enjoy and appreciate down time to just play alone, so make sure not to over-schedule the afternoon with structured activities.

Rest: Protect bedtime and bed time routines to make sure your child is getting plenty of attention and care from you as they prepare to go to sleep. While it is tempting to rush through the bed time routine, a frazzled bed time routine is like an invitation for a meltdown. Instead, slow down, work together and see this as a time to reconnect from that time you were away.

If your child does end up melting down after school, try to validate their feelings and listen with empathy. Especially for younger children, it may be hard to verbalize all that is upsetting them but having your caring, loving presence to unload those feelings is often very helpful and reassuring.

Peace & Be Well,


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Ariadne is a happy and busy mama to three children. She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate. Ariadne has a B.S. in Communication, is a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator, and has completed several graduate courses in child development, psychology and family counseling. She lives on top of a beautiful mountain with her family, one cuddly dog and "bluey" the fish.

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