Positive Discipline

Has time out stopped working? Are you resorting to yelling even if you don’t really want to?Feel like pulling your hair out, or having too many bad “parenting” days?

The principles of positive parenting and the positive discipline tools can help.

What is Positive Discipline? How Is Positive Discipline Connected with Positive Parenting Connection?

The Positive Discipline approach is based on the very popular work of Jane Nelsen, D.Ed. and has it’s roots in the works of psychologists Alfred Alder and Rudolf Dreikus. Ariadne Brill, founder of the Positive Parenting Connection is a member of the Positive Discipline Association and certified as a Positive Discipline Parenting Educator.

With the tools and concepts of Positive Discipline, children and parents can develop a meaningful connection and strive for cooperation and respectful interactions every day.

Positive Discipline focuses on:

  • non-punitive solutions
  • encouragement
  • respectful interactions
  • effective communication
  • connection & play
  • building self-esteem, capability and empowerment

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