15 Positive Strategies for Dealing with Conflicts, Arguments & Back Talk

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Have you ever had a conversation a bit like this? "Can I have that toy?" "Not today." "But’s it’s my favorite kind." "I said NO." "Why???" "Because I said SO!" "Ugh, but... I waaaaaaaaaaaaant it!" "Please don't argue." "But I REALLY want it." "If you don't stop arguing, you are not getting any sweets tomorrow at all." "Oh YEAH? What's the difference? I never get what I want." "Okay. That’s it…no sweets tomorrow. It’s time to leave, let's  go.” "UGH!!!! I hate you!" Conflict between parents and children happens in every household. If you haven’t argued about a toy, perhaps you have about a sleep over, more dessert, getting dressed, doing homework, getting more allowance, eating veggies, going to a party and so on… The “because I said so” and…
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Reflective Listening as a Conflict Resolution Tool

Family Communication, Parenting
** Today I am welcoming Kassandra with a guest post on a really great conflict resolution tool: Reflective Listening.** I have been at my wits end for years trying to end sibling rivalry. I don’t like it when my children fight, argue, disagree, or in any other way don’t seem to like each other. I’ve thought that conflict should be avoided. I’ve tried to distract them, separate them, give them each enough love and attention that they don’t need to fight with each other to get more from me. Nothing has worked. Meaning nothing has stopped my girls from arguing with each other and sometimes needling each other in ways that seem designed to provoke a fight. I’ll write another post about the benefits of conflict – along the way…
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