Pretend Play and Cooking Outdoors

Play and Learning
Baking Al Fresco - Part of our Summer Fun Series From making mud-pies to rock soup, transforming our backyard into a kitchen, bakery or restaurant is a surefire way for us to fill many hours of the day in the summer time.  I find collecting a few recyclable containers such as yogurt cups, aluminum baking dishes, plastic jugs etc.. makes my outdoor chefs even more excited to cook. Here are our favorite recipes.   Scrumptious Mudpies Ingredients: Dirt, water, rocks and sticks Utensils: foil pie dishes or take away containers, wooden spoons, large mixing bowl or plastic tub, something for scooping the dirt (measuring cup or yogurt cup) Direction s: using a scooper, let each chef take turns combining water and dirt into bowl or tub until the chefs find…
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