Joy of eating…family style

Nutrition, Parenting, Positive Discipline
*This  article was also featured at at Authentic Parenting* I  strive to serve healthy yet yummy and appealing meals everyday.  The goal being to not to create kitchen master pieces worthy of Top Chef (what an awesome show) but rather  to capitalize on my children' s adventurous nature and allow them a chance to explore tastes and textures. To have fun and exciting family meals,  and create an overall joy of eating, we focus on  portion awareness,  respecting individual tastes, opportunity,  modeling healthy choices and relaxed table manners. Portion Awareness Sometimes its easy to forget that the tummy of a toddler/preschooler is tiny - a great way to remember is to look at their hands. A child's stomach is roughly the same size as it's hand curled into a fist. …
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