Jumperoos are Speed and Formula is Cyanide: Why I wish Parent to Parent Bullying Would stop.

Parenting, Positive Discipline
It's madness out there in the parenting forums and pages! I was browsing through a discussion forum the other morning and noticed a question about Jumperoos and saucers. A parent was asking for a recommendation and if in general these things were ok to use. As I glimpsed at the replies there were brand recommendations, some parents stated they had opted for something else and others said they had used them and their children were just fine. Then I read something that almost knocked me off my chair - it was a bit like this: …Jumperoos are not fine. And the"just fine" argument bothers me to no end. My grandmother was given speed and encouraged to smoke cigarettes during her pregnancies, and my mom is "just fine". … A parent…
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