Toddlers 12 – 36 Months

Positive Parenting can help toddlers feel safe, loved, capable and cooperative.

Toddlers love to test limits and say no. Sometimes toddlers may cry a lot. For that reason, toddlers get quite the reputation for being terrible… But the toddler years don’t have to be terrible. The so called terrible two’s can be in fact quite terrific. And filled with laughter, joy and cooperation. Positive Parenting principles can help you guide your toddler to grow well and feel capable. Positive parenting principles can help you understand typical toddler behaviors.

Toddler aggression

When a young child acts aggressively it is typically a sign that she is feeling upset, scared or overwhelmed. Aggression can also be a sign your child has unmet needs.  It’s normal and very typical for toddlers and preschoolers to struggle with aggression. With help from parents, young children can learn how to express anger in more helpful ways.

Toddler defiance

Toddlers that refuse to do what you say are often labeled as toddlers having behavior problems.  The good news is that in most cases, toddler defiance is  just a sign of healthy development.  Because toddlers that like to say NO and “put their foot down” are not only developing well, they are actively exploring their emotional intelligence and understanding who they are. It’s tricky at times but with the right positive parenting tools it’s possible to invite more cooperation from your toddler.

Toddler biting

Many toddlers bit instinctively because they are still developing self-control skills. These take quite a few years to develop well. A calm and consistent approach to biting helps your toddler learn to calm down and trust you to offer guidance when they need it most. Use simple and kind limits to stop the biting “You may not bite” or “biting hurts” can be helpful.

Remember that if you are dealing with aggression, tantrums or more, Toddlers thrive when they have parenting guidance that is kind and firm at the same time. Limits should always be clear and set in a loving way.

Positive Parenting For Toddlers

Find support for toddler tantrums, teaching toddlers self-care skills, how to encourage your toddler to share toys and the most positive ways to address behavior problems with your toddler.  You can also find information for creating routines, better sleep, handling toddler aggression and sibling squabbles.

Help your toddler grow well by parenting in a way that encourages capability and cooperation.

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